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I am motivated to come to classes led by professional, educated and dedicated instructors. I started with my classes in “BODY & MIND” studio because of my back pain. After a few months, the pain is drastically reduced and my body is completely toned.

Ivana Zaric

Fashion studio manager

“BODY & MIND” studio is a place where I’ve found a perfect balance between the exercises that strengthen my body and an environment that helps me relax. The atmosphere in small groups is perfect for maintaining your focus during the class, and the reformer is just what I needed.

Snežana Babić

EU embassy

I love the atmosphere in the studio. Everyone is so kind and positive. The studio is spacious, comfy and clean. The instructors are educated and energetic. It’s my first experience with this method of exercise, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I will definitely continue with this kind of training because I’ve never felt better. Highly recommended!

Kaja Nikolić

Basketball player

Coming to “BODY & MIND” studio is a regular part of my weekly routine. For more than 3 years the team shares their knowledge wholeheartedly, boosting my energy, health and good mood, keeping my enthusiasm leveled.

Jovana Dodić

Marketing director

I started my pilates experience after people’s recommendations, because of my back issues. I was persistent since the classes are so much fun, and after a while I stopped feeling pain in my back. The girls are great, Bojana is patient about my cancellations and changing plans last minute…on the other hand, I get a lot of motivation from her to continue with my classes. Can’t wait for September and our workouts!

Ena Jović

Make-up artist

Your health is our priority

We keep our studio clean and we desinfect the machines after every class. The client doesn’t change the machine during the class and the safe distance is maintained (2 metres, as recommended).